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Goldman Sachs Resumes Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

Bullish news for crypto holders appears to be coming in some shape or form every day at this moment in time. More and more people are talking about crypto than ever before and there is strong reason to believe that we are in the early days of something special.

Goldman Sachs is the latest reason for crypto holders to be excited as they have resumed their trading desk Criptomoedas and according to reports will start trading futures Bitcoin for clients from next week. The source revealed that the team will be part of the US bank’s Global Markets Division.

What Does This Really Mean For Bitcoin?

In many ways, this is like getting acceptance from the enemy. The fact that Goldman Sachs appears now to be embracing Bitcoin and possibly other cryptos should mean that crypto is unlikely to go away any time soon.

These could be the early signs of mass adoption and if this is the case it truly is never too late to buy. It would be a bit like thinking you are too late to invest in the gaming industry when the Gameboy was invented.

This amusing tweet from Peter Schiff displays his constant disbelief that the Bitcoin hype shows no signs of slowing down and he can’t fathom how wall street is taking crypto seriously. I can’t wait to see his tweets in ten years’ time when Bitcoin is at 500k while Gold has happily doubled in price.

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