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FIT21 Bill Passes House Vote, Signaling Bullish Sentiment for Crypto Market


The U.S. House of Representatives approved the Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Century Act (FIT21) by a majority of 279 to 136, pushing it to the Senate. This significant step towards comprehensive crypto regulation in the U.S. signals bullish sentiment across the market.

Why It Matters:

The passage of FIT21 in the House is crucial for the cryptocurrency market as it aims to clarify the SEC’s regulatory roles, improve consumer protections, and create a stable environment for digital asset innovation. This bill could shape the future of cryptocurrency trading and investment in the United States, potentially establishing the country as a global leader in the industry.

By the Numbers:

  • FIT21 passed the House with a majority of 279 to 136
  • 71 Democrats voted in favor of the bill
  • The House also passed a bill banning the US Federal Reserve from issuing a CBDC

What’s Next:

The FIT21 Act will now proceed to the U.S. Senate for further consideration. Despite the White House’s initial objection to the bill due to a lack of regulatory framework for digital assets, the Biden administration has expressed a willingness to collaborate with lawmakers to create clear crypto legislation and has stated that the President will not veto the bill.

The Big Picture:

The passage of FIT21 in the House represents a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to establish comprehensive regulation for the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. As the bill moves to the Senate, its potential impact on the market and the country’s position as a global leader in digital asset innovation will continue to be closely watched by investors and enthusiasts alike.

What do you think about the potential impact of FIT21 on the cryptocurrency market? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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