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City In New Hampshire Will Allow Residents To Pay Bills In Bitcoin

On this site, we have brought you several examples of how the use of crypto is creeping into several aspects of everyday life. The most exciting for us though is when we see examples of where it can be used in a manner to obtain means that have existed throughout time. Paying for services and paying for accommodation are some of the examples we have covered in the past.

Here is a question for some of you out there. Can you imagine paying your tax bills in Bitcoin? Well for the people of Portsmouth in New Hampshire this is now a possibility. We think potentially that this small city could end up being a very significant footnote in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Mayor McEachern is the forward thinker in this instance and he clearly does not want his city to be left behind. Well, by making this move it looks like they could be a reference point for people in the future when they are talking about the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

“I want to make sure Portsmouth is not waiting around to see how this is going to affect us in the future because it’s already affecting us.”

The Mayor of Portsmouth was very keen to stress that the city hall had been learning about the nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain for some time now with many showing a great interest in how they could potentially improve the services within the city. It is important to note that all payments made in crypto will be immediately transferred into USD so in no way will the city of Portsmouth be holding cryptocurrency.

Miami and New York have also shown that they could potentially be open to cryptocurrency adoption. The governor of Colorado, Jared Polis stated previously that the state government will permit residents to pay all of their taxes in crypto as early as summer 2022.

Please tell us what you think of this. Do you think this is another good step for the influence of crypto and if you had the opportunity would you pay your tax bill in Bitcoin?

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