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Bitcoin Cycle May Signal Last Gasp for Altcoins, Analyst Predicts


Lead Glassnode analyst James Check predicts that the current Bitcoin cycle may mark the end of big profits from obscure memecoins, as young Bitcoin holders become less willing to gamble on riskier assets.

Why It Matters

This shift in investor behavior could significantly impact the altcoin market, as the primary source of demand for these tokens – millennial crypto natives – prioritizes wealth preservation over speculation. The change in sentiment may lead to reduced liquidity and price volatility for many altcoins.

By the Numbers

  • 62% of Gen Z believes crypto is the “future of finance,” according to a Grayscale survey of US voters
  • Bitcoin rallied 50% earlier this year after receiving its own US spot ETFs
  • Memecoins like DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, and WIF surged even harder during the same period

What’s Next

As long-term Bitcoin holders increasingly prioritize wealth preservation, the altcoin market may face headwinds. Investors will likely become more selective, focusing on projects with clear use cases and strong fundamentals. This trend could lead to a consolidation of the altcoin market, with fewer viable projects attracting significant investment.

The Big Picture

The potential shift in investor behavior highlights the maturing crypto market, as early adopters move from a “get rich” to a “stay rich” mentality. This change could lead to a more stable and sustainable market, with a greater emphasis on projects that drive real-world adoption and deliver tangible value. However, the short-term impact on altcoin prices and liquidity remains uncertain, as the market adjusts to this new dynamic.

Question: How do you think the changing priorities of young Bitcoin holders will impact the future of the altcoin market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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