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Antivirus Software Can Now Mine Cryptocurrency

Norton, the well-known antivirus software has recently added a new feature that allows users to mine cryptocurrency. The art of mining has been in the spotlight in the past month due to the environmental concerns being put under the spotlight.

Now users can mine ether Bitcoin or various other altcoins while their devices are idle and protect their devices at the same time. Miners have the option to track and transfer their virtual coins to their Norton Crypto Wallet, the built-in feature.

Nortonlifelock, the global cybersecurity company, announced the launch of Norton Crypto on Wednesday. This newly added feature was made available for Norton 360 platform. According to the company, Norton Crypto provided users with a reliable method for mining cryptocurrency which can be tracked and transferred to their Norton Crypto Wallet. The software stores the earnings into the cloud so they cannot be lost due to hard drive failure.

According to the terms and conditions of Norton Crypto, the software allows users to utilize the computation power of their own personal computers for low-volume crypto mining, while still maintaining a high level of protection. The mining software will continue to operate even while the computer remains idle.

The developers at Norton explained that the software will automatically allocate the user’s mined crypto to any of the digital wallets they prefer, even if it is not Norton Crypto Wallet. The transfer of the allocated cryptocurrency will be subjected to a fee for providing Norton Crypto mining software. According to the database, Norton charges a 15% fee for the cryptocurrency transferred to the user. Norton has also stated they own and operate their own mining pool for cryptocurrency.

The Chief Executive of Nortonlifelock Vincent Pilette commented on the announcement, stating Norton will continue to support and empower consumers with easier mining features since cryptocurrency is rapidly growing and becoming a part of the customer’s lifestyle. Norton is the first cybersecurity company to provide its users with mining features.

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