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“Adopting Bitcoin” Conference To Be Held In El Salvador

The conference dubbed “Adopting Bitcoin – A Lightning Summit in El Salvador” is, as its name suggests, to be held this November in San Salvador as well as El Zonte. The conference is set to run for three days. It is set to be presented by Galoy, the main objective of the conference will be to help in cultivating and reinforcing Bitcoin adoption in the nation. The team behind it has revealed that the event is nonprofit, and all of its proceeds will go towards the advancement of Lightning Network.

The conference is reported to feature a remarkable list of orators like Stephan Livera, podcast host and managing director at investment firm Swan Bitcoin International; Alex Gladstein, who is the CSO at the Human Rights Foundation, and Jehudi Castro Sierra, Columbia presidential advisor, who has also made very bullish remarks on the world’s leading digital currency in the past.

The upcoming event will also be featuring educational demos, tracks, and applied workshops for people to participate in, which will be available in English and Spanish.

The first day of the conference will be featuring a workshop called Lightning 101, an Economic Track, and a Tech developer track meant for developers. The second day will revolve around the same topics as the first day. The third and final day, however, will be offering an immersive cultural tour of Bitcoin. On that day, participants will get the chance to meet with the El Zonte locals who founded the famed Bitcoin Beach. The concluding event of the conference is going to be a party, marking the initiation of Taproot.

El Salvador has lured the attention of many all around the world; many of those Bitcoin supporters even coming in to visit El Zonte just to have a look at Bitcoin Beach personally. The country’s acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin have rather caused a bit of confusion regarding the digital currency’s role and how it is used. This upcoming conference appears to be the best venue for El Salvador citizens to attend and learn about all the diverse ways they can make use of Bitcoin as well as benefit from the perks it can offer them.

The organizer of the Lightning Network Conference is a B2B corporation that offers user-friendly Bitcoin BaaS (or Bank as a Service) products. The platform, according to its website, aims to cater to organizations that support Bitcoin as actual money.

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