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13-Year-Old Manages Millions In DeFi

It appears that if you have the desire and the get-go, all obstacles can be overcome in crypto. Naik is a thirteen-year-old decentralized finance (or DeFi) prodigy who hails from Goa, India. Naik began with a YouTube channel where he taught people how to code. He then switched to smart-contract consulting. Today, through his DeFi protocol, he manages virtually $1 million. An insane sum of money for someone who is many years away from completing his education.

He is one of the rare individuals who view time in a way different from others, and instead of talking about years or quarters, he refers to it in months. While many would see a three-month session of blockchain consulting experience as slightly more than an internship, Naik talks about it like it is a career phase, as if it could be suitable for the statement of three to allude to years instead of months.

Naik has launched his own project called PolyGaj, a platform that is based on a similar one found on the Binance Smart Chain known as Goose Finance. The eponymic elephant themed Defi platform enables consumers to not only trade but farm tokens as well. Such tokens include StableGaj and PolyGaj. There is also an option where users can place coins in pools that offer as much as 34 per cent APR on Wrapped Bitcoin and 62 per cent APR on Tether.

Naik is also responsible for creating “Elephant Punk” NFTs (non fungible tokens), which are attainable for about 25 USD. Presently, the platform has approximately 900K USD of investor money locked throughout its pools and farms. Naik’s address, which actually owns the platform, holds around 500K worth of GajCoin. This makes Naik exceptionally wealthy, on both absolute and relative grounds.

Naik went into coding in the early months of 2016 at the age of 7. He began with Drag and Drop when got into a boot camp in his birth state, Goa which ran for two weeks. In 2017, he enrolled in Scratch, which is a programming language made for kids. He spent the latter half of the year learning C and C++. His actual year to shine was 2018. That was when he learned programs like Java, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. He also began a Youtube channel where he would teach others coding and started going to coding hangouts in his local area.

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