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Ethereum Price Daily Analysis: Steady Incline with Average Price of $1629.84 on Sep 5, 2023

As of September 5, 2023, the Ethereum market evinces an overall steady course. The current price of ETH is pegged at $1629.84, manoeuvring between a 24-hour price range of $1637.65 to $1610.35. Such a price bobble places emphasis on the market’s brewing vitality.

The 24-hour trading volume of Ethereum is an indomitable 6741852451.0 pointing towards active participation from traders around the globe in the Top 50 Crypto market. Further substantiating its position, Ethereum inked its rank as the number 2, denoting its dominance in the market cap.

Speaking of market capitalization, Ethereum holds a commanding value of 196145253373.0, which commands a remarkable market cap dominance of 16345.4378% of the entire cryptocurrency market. The fact that Ethereum’s value over the past week has seen a barely noticeable downshift of -0.9080%, cements its steady price performance.

Taking a long lens view, Ethereum’s all-time high and low were $4878.26 – $0.432979 respectively. The circulating supply is 120218193.78 ETH, with a decided peccadillo towards the notion of max supply.

Ethereum Price Prediction for the next 24 hours

Despite the tenacious price trend of -10.80566% over a while, investor sentiment leans optimistic with a 63.95% positive outlook. Factoring in Ethereum’s significant correlation with Bitcoin price movements, it’s plausible to predict a potential incline in Ethereum’s price over the next 24 hours.

Ethereum 7-day price Prediction

With Bitcoin leading as a crypto indicator, the current Bitcoin price is $25,703.00. Consequently, Ethereum might follow the lead and experience positive swings during the forthcoming week. However, traders should exchange with caution and keep the tab on the market dynamics for an informed decision.

In conclusion, now is as good a time as any to keep a keen eye on Ethereum. With its existing performance and future predictions, Ethereum promises to offer potential opportunities for willing participants.

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