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Ethereum Price Daily Analysis: Steady at Average of $1631.85 for 04th September 2023

At the time of writing, the [Ethereum](https://dogecoinnewshub.com/prices/ETH/ethereum/) price stands at $1631.85, making it a steady day for one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. The 24-hour trading volume of Ethereum is calculated to be 5136446676.0000, with a market cap of 196249852983.0000.

Ethereum holds the second position in the [Top 50 Crypto](https://dogecoinnewshub.com/top-50-crypto/) by market cap, dominating 16354.1544 of the total crypto world market cap. The highest and the lowest prices Ethereum has reached in the last 24 hours are $1644.29 and $1626.49, respectively.

Taking a 7-day glance, Ethereum’s price change was notably down by 0.9922%. However, despite the decline in the price trend over the last week (-10.86199%), Ethereum remains in the second spot in terms of Market Cap Rank. There are 120217696.233125 in circulation currently, with no maximum supply limit (N/A).

Reflecting on Ethereum’s all-time high and low, the coin reached $4878.26 and $0.432979, respectively. Such extremes pave the way for potential traders to realize the high volatility in the Ethereum market.

The current market sentiment around Ethereum stands positive, at 74.75%, indicating that the majority of traders remain bullish about Ethereum’s prospects. Furthermore, Ethereum showcases a pattern of correlation with Bitcoin and other Top 50 Cryptos. With Bitcoin leading the price trend, Ethereum seems to align with its flow. Today’s Bitcoin price stands at $25,870.00.

Ethereum Price Prediction for next 24 hours
According to current market trends and data available, Ethereum’s price could potentially maintain a steady position in the next 24 hours, slightly moving within the range of its 24-hour price.

Ethereum 7-Day Price Prediction
Considering the last 7-day’s downward price trend, Ethereum may continue this trajectory over the next week unless influenced by a substantial market event.

Investors and traders are advised to keep track of market fluctuations and trends in the [Top 50 Crypto](https://dogecoinnewshub.com/top-50-crypto/) market as the cryptocurrency market is notorious for its volatility. While Ethereum’s long-term prospects seem promising, short-term price actions are subject to sudden changes influenced by global market events and sentiments.

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