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Ethereum Price Daily Analysis: Moderate Dip on Sep 18, 2023 with Average Price at 1660.21

Ethereum experienced a slight lull in its price range on 18th September 2023 with an average price of $1660.21. Throughout the day, Ethereum touched a high of $1667.95 and a low of $1610.47. Consequently, the total trading volume within the last 24 hours was substantial, totalling to a lofty $8722178031.

Remaining steadfast on the Top 50 Crypto list at number 2, Ethereum’s market capitalization is a whopping $199665232882. This accounts for a market cap dominance of 16638.7694% in the overall cryptocurrency domain.

Off late, Ethereum has been through a minor price wave, with a 7-day price range seeing a change of 4.2815%. This continues a meagre trending price pattern of -0.00457%, suggesting a delicate balance of the market forces. The unvarying supply of Ethereum in circulation stands at 120225429.20 with a current no cap on the maximum supply.

From scraping the lowest at $0.432979 to reaching an all-time high of $4878.26, Ethereum has come a long way.

Ethereum Price Prediction: Next 24 Hours

Given the current market indicators and a favourable market sentiment of 71.67%, Ethereum might see a slight upswing in the next 24 hours. Investors should leverage this window of opportunity for short-term gains, though a cautious approach is needed.

7 Day Price Prediction

If the market stability continues and follows the current path, Ethereum might experience an ascent in its value over the next week. However, prospective investors should stay alert as market tides can shift swiftly.

The correlation between Bitcoin and Ethereum stands noteworthy, with Bitcoin currently priced at $27,324.00. Here’s to hoping that the crypto giants continue their stride in the market, making way for more advancements and growth prospects.

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