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Dogecoin Price Daily Analysis: Steady Averages but Downward Trend for the Week of Sep 11, 2023

Dogecoin remains steady with today’s closing price at $0.0604, within a 24-hour range of $0.061944 and $0.060179. Despite the stability, a week-long downward trend is observed with a 4.37% decrease observed.

The 24-hour Trading Volume stands at 297750052.0000, indicating a significant amount of trading activity. This further contributes to Dogecoin’s robust Market Capitalization of 8513566065.0000, securing it the 9th rank on the Top 50 Crypto list.

Moreover, Dogecoin’s Market Cap Dominance at 709.4638 reflects its significant influence in the crypto market, although it accounts for a 21.45% price decline.

The 7-day Price Range indicates Dogecoin’s highest and lowest prices within the last week, figures that show a -4.3711% deviation.

Dogecoin Price Prediction for the next 24 hours:
Considering the current trading and market conditions, Dogecoin is predicted to maintain steady trading within the 24-hour price range.

Dogecoin 7-Day Price Prediction:
Considering the 7-day price drop, traders should tread carefully. While the steady average is reassuring, the decreasing trend cannot be ignored.

An all-time high of 0.731578 and an all-time low of 8.69E-05 showcases Dogecoin’s potential volatility. Still, with a circulating supply of 140963146383.705 and no max supply limit, the currency’s prospects remain open-ended.

The Market Sentiment towards Dogecoin leans on the positive side with 63.33% – indicating investor faith despite the downturn.

Correlation with Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies suggests that Dogecoin’s price movements closely align with market trends. However, due to Bitcoin’s current price of $25,662.00, traders should keep a keen eye on the market as trends continue to unfold.

As with any investment, individuals are advised to conduct their own research and take market fluctuations into account before investing in Dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency.

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