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Dogecoin Price Daily Analysis: Average Price Steady at $0.0626, with a Slight Downward Trend Over the Last 7 Days – Sep 18, 2023

Dogecoin has been in a steady state with its current price lingering around 0.0626. The coin held a 24-hour price range of 0.062816 to 0.061099 with the quantity traded within the last 24 hours totalling more than 265 million. This cryptocurrency, defying all odds, managed to hold its position in the top 50 Crypto at rank 9 by maintaining an impressive market capitalization of approximately 8.8 billion, thereby capturing around 735.4360% of the total cryptocurrency market.

Within the last 7 days, the highest and lowest prices that Dogecoin hit were captured at 3.6107%, with a noticeable price trend of -1.3503%. The remarkable journey of Dogecoin from its all-time low to its all-time high of 0.731578 is truly noteworthy in the crypto sphere. As of now, the circulating supply of Dogecoin stands at around 141 billion.

Dogecoin Price Prediction Over the Next 24 Hours

The market sentiment seems to be in favor of Dogecoin with a positive score of 67.69%. However, price volatility is a common trend in the crypto market, so investors might see marginal fluctuations in the next 24 hours.

Dogecoin Price Prediction for the Next 7 Days

Considering the past 7-day performance, Dogecoin might experience a slight downward trend in the price. Still, investors should carefully track the price movements and market trends before making any investment decisions. Given the crypto’s correlation with Bitcoin – the titan of the crypto world, currently priced at $27,324.00, it’s also crucial to monitor Bitcoin’s performance as it often influences Dogecoin’s trend.

Regardless of the current downward trend, Dogecoin continues to secure its place among the top-ranking cryptocurrencies. Investors and marketplace spectators will closely observe its movements, which undoubtedly will make the next week an exciting period for Dogecoin.

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