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Cardano Price Daily Analysis: Steady at $0.2475 with Slight Dips and Surges – September 13, 2023

Cardano remains consistent in the top 50 Crypto chart with a steady day on record. On this day, September 13, 2023, the crypto retained its price at $0.2475. There were few changes in the 24-hour Price Range, which reached a high of $0.250176 and a low of $0.243763.

24-hours Price Prediction

Despite the static market, we propose a fluctuating pattern in the next 24 hours. Expect a slight dip below $0.243763 and potential surge beyond the day’s high at $0.250176.

24-hour Trading Volume and Market Capitalization

Cardano’s 24-hour trading volume was impressive at 116999516.0000. The substantial market capitalization amounted to $8701604502.0000, placing Cardano at rank 8 among the cryptocurrencies based on market cap.

Market Cap Dominance and 7-day Price Prediction

Cardano hovers around a Market Cap Dominance of 725.1337. Looking at the 7-day price range, Cardano experienced a drop of -3.3285%. Despite this, our 7-day price prediction insists on a probable surge by a few points.

Circulating and Max Supply

The circulating supply of Cardano equals 35045020830.3234 with a maximum supply cap of 45000000000. This given supply suggests a potential for increase in demand and a projected value spike in the long term.

All-Time High and Low

Cardano’s all-time high hit the impressive 3.09 range whereas the All-time low was recorded at 0.01925275. Even though our current price ($0.2475) presents a middle ground, we are confident that Cardano’s robust structure and user base can catapult the price towards the all-time high.

Market Sentiment and Correlation with Bitcoin

The market sentiment is quite favorable for Cardano, with a positive view of 79.31%. The correlation with Bitcoin, categorized at a price of $26,108.00 further underscores Cardano’s potential.

Final thoughts

Although it’s been a steady day for Cardano, it’s important to note that in the crypto market, conditions can change rapidly. We hence suggest investors keep an eye on market trends, announcements, and predictions. As the day closes, Cardano remains an appealing cryptocurrency in the market, promising potential upward opportunities.

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