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Cardano Price Daily Analysis: A Price Pullback at $0.244 – Sep 11, 2023

Cardano (ADA), currently ranked 8th among the top 50 Crypto, has observed a decline in the past day. The seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Cardano had a trading volume of 122958390.0000 over the past 24 hours and currently priced at $0.2442.

In the last 24 hours, ADA ranged between $0.241161 and $0.25052, while its 7-day variation was -4.4115%. It’s noteworthy that Cardano is down by -16.98716% in terms of price trend, contributing to a market capitalization of 8560870723.0000 with a market cap dominance of 713.4059.

However, the market sentiment towards Cardano beacons positivity at 78.1%, suggesting potential value perceived by the investors. Worth mentioning is Cardano’s all-time high and low, which stands at $3.09 and $0.01925275 respectively.

Cardano 24-hour Price Prediction

Several factors, including global market trends, technological developments, and market sentiment, impact the Cardano price. Although Cardano’s price is experiencing downward pressure, it’s likely to rebound due to the positive market sentiment.

Cardano 7-Day Price Prediction

Looking at the 7-day price trend, Cardano shows a reduction, but long-term market sentiment is still encouraging. It’s important to factor in the market cap rank and crypto market dominance of Cardano for a wider perspective.

The Cardano circulating supply is at 35045020830.3234, with a maximum limit of 45000000000 units set to be in circulation.

The correlation with Bitcoin (currently at $25,662.00) and other cryptos is also noteworthy, as their market trends can heavily impact Cardano’s price movements. The volatility in the crypto market calls for keeping a close eye on price differences and staying updated with Cardano’s market performance.

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