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Bitcoin Price Daily Analysis: Steady at Average of $26,101, Showing Mild Dip on Sep 12, 2023

Bitcoin remains steady with an average price of $26,101 on Sep 12, 2023 with a recorded dip of -11.13494% in price trend. The crypto stalwart keeps making ripples in the market, with fluctuating highs and lows within the last 24 hours ranging between $26,191 and $25,006.

Despite the wavering in pricing, Bitcoin has maintained a robust 24-hour trading volume of $20,257,382,768. Resilient in the face of volatility, Bitcoin also boasts a market capitalization of $508,571,016,375, maintaining its position at number 1 in the list of top 50 Cryptos by market cap.

Bitcoin Meticulous Watch: 24 Hour Price

The next 24 hour prediction presents a possible rise in price considering the current market dominance of 42,380.9180%. Backed by the circulating supply of 19,483,375 and a max supply of 21,000,000, Bitcoin remains moderate in this volatile market.

Seven-Day Market Watch

The market watch for the past seven days reveals an increase of 1.1427% in its price range. Tracing the 7-day trail of Bitcoin gives investors an overview of trends that might seep into the coming week’s market scene. According to market sentiment, Bitcoin stands prevalent with a score of 71.15%.

All-Time Highs and Lows: The Numbers to Remember

All-time data, reconciling the high and low, sums up on $69,045 and $67.81, respectively. These figures present a broad stroke on Bitcoin’s potential market trajectory, helping investors time their market entry and exit decisions.

Correlation with Bitcoin and Other Cryptos

In the broad spectrum of the market, Bitcoin often paces the trend. Closely tracing Bitcoin’s price movement helps better gauge the market’s direction. This correlation aids in understanding the domino effect from Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies, paving the way for smart and informed trading.

Bitcoin promises another day of interesting market behavior. Keep following for daily updates and stay on top of your crypto game.

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