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Why Should I Buy Dogecoin Right Now?

If there was a time to be crypto savvy, it is now! The prices are higher than ever and investors are trooping in to grab their bit of the crypto pie. But buying a currency is not all about following trends. It’s a well thought-out tactic based on future projections and not just fickle popularity.

In the current cryptocurrency sphere, there’s simply no other coin to buy than Dogecoin. This ingenious creation is a first-generation coin that puts the power to transfer value in your palms. It was founded by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer in 2013 and is now one of the fastest-growing currencies in the industry.

The brand has a strong online presence, with the recent tweets by Elon Musk, placing DOGE higher up the ladder. Without doubt, the benefits of Dogecoin outweigh any potential disadvantages it might possess, as it effortlessly secures peer-to-peer transactions.

This article is aimed at providing you with valuable information on why you should dodge other coins and go for DOGE. Here are some salient reasons why you must have Dogecoin.

Simply put, this is the future of cryptocurrency. Dogecoin is a virtual currency that was built with the purpose of allowing censorship-resistant peer-to-peer transactions. With this in place, you are guaranteed to automatically avoid any interferences with your transactions making them safer and faster.

In a bid to maximize its market share, Dogecoin merged its mining with Litecoin, which has made both platforms more secure over the years. This is pretty cool stuff!

Dogecoin is really phenomenal because it has been built such that there is cap of 5 billion coins per year that could be created. As of today, there are about 128 billion coins and more are still being created. This makes Dogecoin an amazing option for beginners who have higher chances of losing coins and those who need a good coin for tipping because the price is kept relatively low.

If you are a member of the Doge community, then you can attest to how interesting and generous the other members are. The fun side of this currency goes deep as the dog face on its symbol. Who says buying crypto can’t be an enjoyable experience? Also, it’s easy to tip with Dogecoin which promotes an atmosphere of generosity.

People don’t mind giving 50 cents or Dollar tips to help a good cause but Dogecoin’s almost negligible transaction fees encourage you to give even more. You should know that the fees for Bitcoin are as high as ten dollars. Dogecoin makes tipping and donating extremely fun!

Transactions on DOGE are very fast compared to other currencies. This is because of how simple it is to mine it. In short, all you need is a computer with high end graphics card to mine. You’d be amazed to know it takes a minute to create a block of Dogecoin, unlike Bitcoin which can only be mined once every 10 minutes.

Don’t waste any more time on making a decision. Having read all these, you should be asking ask yourself “why haven’t I bought Dogecoin? “.

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