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Mozilla Now Accepts Donations in Dogecoin

Mozilla has announced that it now accepts Dogecoin as a form of payment, taking to Twitter to share the news. This comes after working with BitPay, the premier crypto payment service provider, to ensure that donations are converted into US dollars, avoiding the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Firefox users and followers, on the other hand, have reacted negatively to this statement.

Mozilla and Dogecoin Association

The Mozilla Group, which is behind the creation of web-related apps such as the Firefox web browser, and the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization that administers the fourth most popular desktop browser in the world (after Chrome, Safari, and Edge). Prior to this, the foundation worked with Coinbase in 2014 to accept Bitcoin donations in response to user demand, a total irony given the charity’s recent outcry.

Mozilla will not only take Dogecoin donations, but also Bitcoin, Shib, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies. The good news is that the foundation will not keep the assets for long enough to avoid a drop in value that would influence the contribution. As a result of this development, Mozilla has partnered with BitPay, which allows the firm to convert cryptocurrencies received into US dollars as soon as they are contributed. However, the addition of these cryptos has prompted consumers to threaten to abandon Firefox, which currently holds a 79.8% share of the desktop browser market.

Mozilla isn’t the first company to take Dogecoin donations; the Dogecoin community helped MrBeast’s sea preservation marketing campaign, which aims to remove waste from oceans, seashores, and rivers, hit its $30 million goal. Another organization that uses donations for education, lobbying, and research is the Mozilla Foundation.

Mozilla’s Dogecoin Acceptance Gets Negative Response 

Since the announcement, Mozilla has received backlash from users who have criticized the foundations for pitching Dogecoin, which they believe has harmed the company’s reputation. While some Firefox users objected to the new development, claiming it was an attempt to legalize cryptocurrencies, others felt it was an attempt to legitimize cryptocurrency. Some long-time Firefox users claim that cryptocurrency is a disruptor agreement for them since cryptocurrencies threaten the settings, therefore they may stop donating to the foundation and transfer to another browser.

While Mozilla may have been caught off guard by the outcry, this isn’t the first time Firefox users have protested new advances, following the outcry against “web3.” As more businesses become involved with cryptocurrency, they continue to receive bad feedback. After threatening to cancel their mass Nitro subscriptions, Discord users forced the business to cease its Ethereum integration ambitions. Despite accepting Bitcoin donations after collaborating with Coinbase in 2014 in response to customer demand, the Mozilla Foundation received shockingly negative feedback. Unlike Opera, which has various cryptocurrency-related features built-in, Firefox is known for avoiding cryptocurrencies, notably after stopping crypto-jacking malware for its users in 2018.

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