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Elon Musk To Host SNL, Will He Promote DOGE?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is a surprise choice to host an episode of Saturday Night Live next month. He represents somewhat of a controversial choice after some critics have noted his stance against the pandemic this past year but we crypto holders will probably embrace the stir it is causing and we will be glued to our screen in the hope that Musk will say something to send crypto to the moon once again.

As we all know by now, the coin Musk has continued to champion is Dogecoin and there is every chance he will find some way to incorporate this into his monologue. This would probably involve him breaking away from some pre-scripted monologue. Musk is famous for breaking the norms of society and he would be probably be horrified by the idea of giving just another SNL speech.

This tweet above suggests that he is not going to toe the line and we might be in for a treat. Of course, SNL has made legends and has consisted of many funny moments throughout the years but when celebrities get involved it is often an exercise of adulation which quite frankly is nauseating and by the time the crowd is forced to applaud for the 10th time I have already switched off. I somehow doubt Musk’s monologue will follow these guidelines.

I am sure the majority of you watching this want him to come out wearing a sweater with the DOGE symbol clearly displayed while he tries to convince the US public that the dollar is worthless. In fact, I think this is exactly what might happen. How do you think Musk will use this opportunity to spread the word of crypto?

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