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Bitcoin’s Cash Price Jumps By More Than 70%

Bitcoin Cash used to be a regular feature in the top 10 crypto coins based on market cap. The recent year though has seen it be overtaken by many and was looking like it would become a forgotten coin. The last 48 hours though have changed this as at the time of writing Bitcoin Cash is trading at over $1500 with a market cap of $28 billion.

Last week the coin could have been bought in the low $800 region meaning that if you bought in then you would have already come close to doubling your investment. Apart from the obvious reason, that every altcoin is pumping at the moment, what can be attributed to Bitcoin Cash’s resurgence?

This pump comes just a week before Bitcoin Cash‘s scheduled bi-annual hard for on May 15th. This will introduce two small tweaks to the network that can potentially lead investors back to Bitcoin Cash. The first one of these changes will see the removal of Bitcoin Cash’s unconfirmed transaction chain limit, allowing for more micro-transactions to be broadcast without having to wait for block confirmation. This will effectively remove the limit of transactions that can be made.

The other one will allow multiple pieces of data to be used as part of a transaction. Like the transaction limit, the amount of data you could send was also limited. This potentially would have made investors look towards other coins with more scalability who have the ability to accept large amounts of data. These changes will ultimately increase volume usage and will attract more investors to the cryptocurrency.

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