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Which Crypto Coins Are Flying High Right Now

This past week has been one of the craziest weeks in crypto ever, and thankfully for all the right reasons. Bitcoin dominance has taken a back seat, (although that itself is still performing strongly at $57k) which has allowed several altcoins to flourish. But which of these coins is performing the best.

Over the past seven days, Ethereum is up 27%. Holders of ETH will be able to tell you that the cryptocurrency went through a long period of price consolidation before once against seeing the surge that many were predicting for months. Cardano is also up 22% for the month. The price of Cardano remained stagnant for quite sometime before the last two days have finally seen some momentum pushed back into the coin. Considering the gains Cardano has made this year though it would be unfair to complain too much.

We of course need to mention Dogecoin which is up 95% to not everyone’s delight. Elon Musk and his army of followers are responsible for causing one of the most unprecedented scenes in financial history as the so-called joke cryptocurrency overtook the market caps of some of the most famous businesses in the world. This however has been met with a lot of cynicism as a lot of people working within crypto believe a more wholesome project would be more worthy of the attention.

Ethereum classic
, at one point on the 6th of May, was up 300% for the week. Bitcoin Cash saw immense growth as the coin has nearly doubled in price during the past seven days. After you’ve read this article why don’t you head over to coinmarketcap.com and have a look at the top-performing one hundred coins and you will see a sea of green. Many technical analysis experts believe that this momentum will continue for a little while yet but what do you think? Will the market continue to push forward or are we due an inevitable pullback.

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