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TikTok Collaborating With Crypto-powered Music Streaming Platform Audius

Audius, the crypto-based music-sharing protocol, has entered a partnership deal with the leading social networking app TikTok. The collaboration will now allow users to directly share their preferred tracks to the popular social media app. It also makes Audius one of the first streaming platforms that are directly involved with one of the most famous social media apps that have over a billion users.

The announcement on Monday spoke in detail about Audius’s partnership with Tiktok to create a new feature aptly named TikTok Sounds. The co-founder and chief product officer of Audius, Forrest Browning, revealed the function of the latest feature. According to Browning, users can now export the latest tracks created with the protocol and share them on TikTok. The integration is designed to provide users with a streamlined process, enabling them to seamlessly export their favorite tracks to TikTok.

The partnership with Audius is the first of its kind for TikTok that aims to streamline the current music selection and uploading process. Audius users can simply upload their favorite tracks and share them on them TikTok.

Audius was founded in 2018 and is currently the largest consumer-based decentralized blockchain application. Audius platform consists of over 100,000 artists, both new and old.

Meanwhile, TikTok users have spread widely in recent months, consisting of over a billion active users. Earlier in July, Tiktok reported that 75% of its users were based in the United States, and the numbers are still rising as new artists are joining the platform. Audius consists of 5 million users, and unlike Tiktok that does not provide users with performance royalties, Audius provides artists with governance tokens based on the number of streams they generate.

The integration with Tiktok is evidently more about sharing music rather than promoting the use of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. Audius claims its intention to use blockchain technology to reward content creators, and increase the transparency on artist’s payouts, the collaboration is focused on music instead of promoting Defi. During the interview with Browning, the chief product officer added that 95% of Audius users were not aware that blockchain technology was involved in the collaboration.

Tiktk’s collaboration is somewhat of a surprise due to the app’s previous decisions to band crypto-based promotional content and financial services. Though many Tiktok users learned about the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin through the social media app.

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