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New Reports Suggest That Two Thirds Of Americans Are Curious About Crytpo

For years now Crypto has felt like a hidden secret. New data, however, would suggest that this is no longer the case as apparently, two-thirds of the American public are in some shape or form interested in Crypto. Despite the crypto world being stereotyped as a male environment the research also shows that over half of these people are female.

Crypto’s biggest beauty is that it can give the potential to anyone to significantly improve their capital. The data suggests though that the highest amount of investment still comes from the middle classes, however, this is expected to change with mass adoption. The average crypto investor who already holds assets is currently a 38-year-old male with an annual income of roughly $111,000.

Crypto Curious’ People From All Demographics

Another stereotype is that crypto is a young person’s game. Personally, I believe this to be an understandable view. Younger people are more open to change and with the Blockchain technology involved you would think would scare a lot of the older generation off. Having said this 25% of the people who claimed to be ‘crypto curious’ were nearing retirement.

“This new research signals a valuable and welcome diversification of crypto’s investor base. A broader set of participants establishes a positive long-term evolution of the market,” noted Noah Perlman, CEO of Gemini.

Diversification may appear to be just a buzz word but for prices to reach mass adoption levels this term is an important one. Crypto is supposed to be a break away from the system so the fact that the data suggests that the target market is wider than perhaps many expected can serve to be very bullish news and it would be great if this represents itself in the next surges in price.

Crypto Holders Set To Double?

The data also suggests that 14% of the US currently holds crypto while 13% of the public say they intend to purchase crypto in the near future which if true would see the number of crypto holders double in the US. This number will also surely increase with more mainstream coverage on crypto as well as continued institutional support.

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