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Cardano To Announce Africa Deal?

For more than 2 months now, holders of Cardano have been hoping to hear the news that Cardano has officially announced their contract with an unknown African country. (widely speculated to be Ethiopia).

The CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson teased such a contract through a series of crypto messages on his Twitter account which led many of his followers to dream of what this could mean for the price of Cardano. The idea of an entire country using a cryptocurrency would do wonders for the project, right?

Well, we now have reason to believe that such an announcement might be made at the new Cardano African conference that is being prepared for the end of this month. This tweet below might go towards explaining why Cardano is already showing very strong signs of recovery after the markets crashed this past Sunday.

Of course, it’s just pure speculation at the moment that this could be where Charles takes the opportunity to announce this contract with the world, but it would be fair to say that it would leave many people frustrated if this film passed without any major announcements. 

When we consider that the Goguen release is set to be released sometime soon this could be the catalyst to a wild time for Cardano. If we are only considering the price such news could mean we do a 200% run in around two weeks. XRP and Binance are good examples of cryptocurrencies with good market caps that saw massive gains before Sunday’s dip.

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